I use my gps system when I am hiking in the woods. Could not ask for a more rugged platform. 
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It is hard to figure out where you are going in a new city but even more important to pay attention to the road. Most GPS systems these days give you turn by turn directions with a simple voice command.

Hikers use electronic GPS systems everyday to navigate their way back. Portable solar powered charging stations and rechargable batteries help ensure you will never run out of power.

Large and small businesses alike sometimes require their associates to go out in the field. Survey companies, locksmiths, field workers, ambulances, and even some law firms us GPS to find where they need to go quickly.

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Are GPS enabled smart phones going to force handheld GPS systems going to go the way of the dinosaur? I hear that question rather frequently and it was a issue on a recent ted talk. With most of the US having a data enabled phone why wouldn’t the question come up? The short answer is no, I do not think that hand held GPS system will completely die out. Until they install cellphone towers on every part of the world, there is always a niche for them. Some people prefer to not use their iPhone since the GPS is already mounted to the window of the car.

People who go hiking or live in remote areas that have little to no phone reception still rely on handheld real time kinetic GPS systems. For example, I knew a man who was contracted by a to drive around and mark off all of the homes they needed to defend. Originally he used his android phone to map out where he needed to go. Problem was there were some areas where he would get lost due his cell phone losing reception. He would program the multiple destinations into his phone and be on his way. The system would voice him turn by turn directions. As soon as he arrived at his first destination it would update with directions for the next place to go. There were multiple areas where his phone service died but the system was still able to give him accurate directions. The orlando foreclosure attorney that he was working for was able to get the information he needed almost a week in advanced.

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What adventures will you get yourself into, knowing you can get yourself out? Users are able to travel the African Sahara desert without the fear of getting lost. Real time GPS tracking has changed the way we look at our world.


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New updated support for all countries and major cities.

It was the middle of 2012 when Apple unveiled a new GPS mapping system for all IOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. Users had been use to the Google maps integration that had worked with the iPhone so well since 2007. Google maps was quick, accurate, and got you to where you needed to go every time. As the years passed Apple saw that it was missing out on a great marketing strategy. Google was making a large chunk of advertising money from the mapping system that came stock on every iPhone and iPad.

Apple teamed up with TOM TOM to create a quick GPS app of their own before the release date of the iPhone 5. The day it was finally released, it was a disaster.  At the time, Google had yet to release a downloadable version of Google maps for the iPhone. So if you had bought a iPhone 5 or had made the mistake of updating your iPhone to IOS 6, you were stuck. There was even a press release by police in Australia reporting that Apple maps could potentially kill you. Apparently multiple people needed to be rescued by park rangers after following their map’s directions to Mildura Park. The mapping system showed the park being 40 miles from correct destination. This is a place that is literally in the middle of the desert and temperatures commonly reach 115 degrees.

However even with all the bad publicity, Apple maps is still a good idea...eventually. The potential of the system cannot be ignored simply due to the sheer number of people who use the device. Apple may take months or even years to smooth out the system but this entire time it will continue to be used. Most new iPhone owners are oblivious and use the stock GPS system having never known that the superior Google maps is a free download away. Eventually, Apple will learn to make money with their new system and continue to profit further.

Apple Maps got some seriously bad publicity after being released

Why Apple Maps Was Still A Good Decision



New updated support for all countries and major cities.